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Department of reclamation

Head of department —

Dekhtyar Oksana ,

Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow

tel. 044 257-43-12; 
tel. Mob. +38 (050) 685 41 86;
e-mail: oksana.dehtiar@gmail.com

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As part of the department:

• Department of Irrigation and Drainage  Department Manager — Sergey USATYI

Laboratory Micro — Head Retman Mikhail candidate of agricultural Science . Brylivske experimental field — head Cherevychnyy Yuri Alexandrovich Laboratory of irrigation and drainage — head Babitska ElenaLeading scientists of the department: Vasyuta Vladimir, d. Agricultural n., Ph.D. Zhuravlev Alexander, to. Agricultural N. Sergey Ryabkov, k. Agricultural n., Ph.D. Olga Marchenko, k. Biol. n., Ph.D. Theodore S. Melnichuk, k. Agricultural N.; Senior Didenko Natalia, k. Agricultural N. Olga E. Pavelkivska, k. Agricultural N.

Kupyedinova crimped Asanivna; k. Agricultural N.
USATYI Lyudmyla, p. N. with.
Retman Mikhail, k.s.-h. N.

• Department of Water Management and operation of drainage systems
Head of Department — Kovalenko Alexander, Ph.D.,
senior researcher
leading specialists Department:
Briuzgina Natalia D. — candidate. Sc. Science, art. N. with.
Shevchuk, Yaroslav Vlasovych- goal. Specialist
Martyniuk Gregory Fedosovych- goal. profession.
Oksana Ignatova — trans. Engineer
Litvinenko Yevhenovych- Peter Lane. Engineer
Mandryk Eugene B. — trans. engineer

The main scientific activities:

  • study patterns of development, operation and use of reclaimed lands and drainage systems in different climatic zones of Ukraine;
  • study patterns of natural, social, economic and technological processes in irrigation and drainage;
  • development of scientific bases of technical and technological improvement of drainage systems according to the requirements of sustainable operation, theoretical foundations, methods and algorithms for energy-efficient management vodopodacheyu, drainage and inter-farm water distribution;
  • study patterns of exposure to different ways of irrigation water metabolism and physiological processes of plants, productivity and biochemical composition of the productive mode for rich, water-physical, chemical, and physical and chemical properties of soils;
  • development of scientific bases to ensure reliable operation of the Water Management — reclamation complex;
  • development of strategies, concepts, programs and promising areas of recovery and drying, moisturizing reclamation;
  • preparation of proposals to provide legal, legislative and regulatory methodological support water reclamation;
  • study patterns of changes in operational reliability of drainage systems, the development of measures to stabilize it;
  • Technology development and study of irrigation of crops in different soil — climatic conditions;
  • developing ways, methods and means energy efficiency irrigation systems and irrigation system;
  • research performance of new designs irrigation systems, irrigation system and execution of research and development work for the construction of irrigation systems;
  • development and implementation of new technologies and facilities for the repair and reconstruction of existing water systems and reclamation obyektiv of advanced composite materials;
  • development of new and improvement of existing materials and to provide engineering infrastructure of drainage systems and implementation supervision of their construction and operation;
  • development, manufacture and testing of experimental prototypes of means to improve the engineering infrastructure of drainage systems;
  • creation and implementation of a comprehensive monitoring system of technical state of hydraulic structures to prevent accidents and selecting priority areas perform repairs;
  • technical solutions for the design and reconstruction of sections of main distribution channels, sites of pipelines and irrigation water;
  • international and inter-sectoral cooperation with scientific institutions, ministries, legal and physical entities through joint research, exchange of other beneficial results of operations;
  • organizing and conducting conferences, seminars, meetings, discussions on reclamation, publication of scientific papers, participation in exhibitions, advertising developments in the media.