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  • Ukraine. Kyiv

Department of Reclamation

Head of Department — Sergiy USATYI

tel. 044 257-87-33;
tel. Mob. +38 (050) 545-71-67; +38 (096) 481-97-83
e-mail: s_usatiy@ukr.net
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The structure of the department:


— Department of Reclaimed Lands Use — Didenko Natalya

— Brylivske experimental field —  Cherevychnyy Yuriy

Specialist of irrigation and drainage:

  1. Babitska Olena, nominee tehn.nauk;
  2. Bezruk Vasily;
  3. Vasyuta Vladimir, doctor of agricultural Science, a leading NS .;
  4. Didenko Natalia candidate of agricultural Science;
  5. Zhuravlev Alexander, candidate of agricultural Science;
  6. Kotykovych Igor;
  7. Kupyedinova crimped Asanivna, candidate tehn.nauk;
  8. Theodore S. Melnichuk, candidate of agricultural Wired Science NS .;
  9. Pavelkivska Olga E., candidate of agricultural Science;
  10. Sergey Ryabkov , the candidate of agricultural Science, a leading NS .;
  11. Retman Mikhail candidate of agricultural Science s.n.s .;
  12. USATYI Lyudmyla;
  13. USATYI Sergiy ;
  14. Cherevychnyy Yuri.

Topics of research :

  • development of concepts, strategies and directions for rehabilitation and development of irrigation;
  • study patterns of natural, social, economic and technological processes under irrigation of crops;
  • development of theoretical and methodological foundations of structural design systems and irrigation technology;
  • study patterns influence water quality in various technical means workability irrigation;
  • development, manufacturing and testing of prototypes and experimental parts and components of irrigation systems;
  • development of automated data-processing and process control systems for irrigation;
  • development and testing of prototypes and experimental vehicles and units of irrigation systems;
  • Technology development and study of irrigation of crops in different soil and climatic zones of Ukraine;
  • study the effect of different fertilizing systems for drip irrigation on soil processes and modes, crop yields and product quality;
  • development of scientific and methodological principles of conservation and restoration of soil fertility local character of their moisture.


  • technology intensive cultivation of vegetables, cultivated agricultural and perennial crops by drip irrigation and irrigation;
  • projects drip irrigation systems and agricultural irrigation plants, perennial plants, parks, stadiums, sports fields, golf courses;
  • software package "Information and advisory system planning and management drip irrigation regimes";
  • automatic soil moisture sensor;
  • tenziometrychnyy sensor type VVT-II;
  • process control programmer irrigation;
  • Controller washing filtration systems;
  • sand-type filters hrafiyni FNH;
  • set connecting parts for drip irrigation systems;
  • stacking device for mechanical cleaning irrigation pipes and drip irrigation systems ;
  • a device for mechanical harvesting irrigation pipes ;
  • tenziometrychnyy method for determining water plants;
  • research methodology for drip irrigation;
  • Test method Micro technical means .


  • comprehensive agronomic support projects growing crops on irrigated ;
  • scientific support technical processes irrigation and develop recommendations for optimizing the water regime of irrigated soils;
  • conducting field studies to optimize the process parameters of growing crops under irrigation;
  • irrigation systems design and implementation supervision of construction and operation;
  • survey and soil survey project sites;
  • selection of modern sprinkler technology under conditions of soil and relief areas of irrigation and power parameters of pump equipment;
  • technical testing and research facilities to meet irrigation characteristics declared by the manufacturer;
  • expertise and establish the main causes of operability of means irrigation;
  • improvement and development of new types of tests of means of irrigation methods and techniques of their implementation;
  • Biological evaluation of plant protection products and agrochemicals under irrigation;
  • ecological and physiological assessment of pesticides and agrochemicals in plant, soil and water ecosystems;
  • conduct studies on the processes and patterns of water regime of soil and water crops under irrigation;

Examples of implementation services :

  • Irrigation systems different agricultural crops on a total area of ​​over 5,000 hectares, including the SE "DAF them. Soloduhina "- 477 hectares, agro farm-factory" Belozersky "- 250 hectares Association" Vegetables Odessa region "- 250 hectares DSP" Seagull "branch" Dudarkiv "- 70 hectares, JSC" Green Guy "- 56 hectares SE" Slobozhanskiy "- 55 hectares of" Friendship of peoples "- 50 ha LLC" Kamensky "- 49 ha LLC" Hope of Ukraine "- 24 hectares.
  • irrigation systems for gardens and parklands (parks im.T. Shevchenko Groin, City Garden, the Mariinsky, Victory, Glory, and other Kurenevskiy in Kiev, Chernechey Hill in Kano), football ( "Arena Dnepr" (Dnepropetrovsk) , NSK "Olympic" stadium training of FC "Dynamo" (Kyiv), "Vanguard" (Uzhgorod), international Paralympic stadium (Yevpatoria) and others.).
  • technology of growing seedlings of tomato processing yield of 135-150 t / ha in holding "Agrofusion" on an area of ​​3200 hectares of agricultural farm of "Kazbek" — 124 hectares.