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Specialized and hydrological surveying on water

Specialized and hydrological surveying 
research on water

Highly qualified specialists perform a full range of survey research in hydrology, hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, hydrology and GIS. 
These works must be performed before any construction in the preparation of «Passport rivers and water bodies’ assessment of anthropogenic impact of economic activities on water bodies and water protection areas and assess changes in morphometric parameters of rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Work on hydrology and geotechnics is an integral and pre-project research. 
Works are carried out using geodetic and hydrological equipment: 
— GPS stations Trimble EPOCH 10 — 2 pieces; 
— electronic total station NTS — 350 firms Soush; 
— electronic roulette — Leica disto A5;
— Roulette Geodetic (10, 30, 50, 100 m); 
— track gauge; 
— Sonar Piranha Max 240 firms Hummibird 
(with trohpromenevym emitter and depth sensing up to 240 m); 
— hydrometric Mills; 
— measuring water level recorders; 
— bathometer for sampling suspended sediment; 
— electrical Kuprina (determination of suspended solids); 
— bathometer for sampling sediments (50 m); 
— a set of hydrological research equipment for implementation (boat winch et al.). 
Selected samples of bottom sediments and soils are studied in their own certified «Laboratory to determine the physical, mechanical and physical properties of water and soil» (certificate number PA-166/14 issued by SE «Ukrmetrteststandart» 05.16.2014 g.).
To fulfill large volume hydrological calculations reflect the topography of the reservoir and determining hydrological and morphometric characteristics of the area and water bodies used remote sensing data and advanced GIS technology. 
On the basis of space research methods with high accuracy is determined by the state of water bodies, including morphometric characteristics, water temperature, the development of «blooming» trophic status, sources of water pollution and water quality organoleptic properties.

Serhiy Shevchuk, head. water separation , 
vol. 044-496-90-26, mob. 050-199-11-51