Water and sanitation Laboratory

Water and sanitation Laboratory . Head of the Laboratory – Matselyuk Eugene M., Ph.D., p. Science. employee

Leading scientists,
Chief Scientific Officer – Horuzhy Peter D., Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine; 
Chief Researcher – Dmitry Charny, Ph.D., st.nauk.spivr .; 
IDs and profiles:  ORCID iD ; Scopus;

Topics of research: development and scientific substantiation methodology, techniques and technology resource training, supply and distribution of water in the agricultural water supply and sewage systems of villages and agricultural enterprises (APC);

Existing development:
– methods of intensification of existing water facilities due to their conversion, the use of efficient technologies and optimization of work; 
– automatic pressure-regulating and water treatment plants for local silhospvodoprovodiv; 
– WATER COLLECTION AND new treatment facilities for collection and pre-treatment of surface water; 
– Installations for iron removal and mitigation of groundwater; 
– methods of optimization calculations collaboration wells, pumps and water lines to minimize the unit cost of electricity for supply of water to consumers; 
– method of calculation decentralized group silhospvodoprovodiv; 
– installations for purification of process water in decentralized group silhospvodoprovodah;
– Installations for the purification of waste water for agricultural enterprises; 
– technological schemes water use closed systems for agricultural enterprises; 
– regulatory, scientific and methodological papers on the design and operation of group and local systems of agricultural water and wastewater based on new high-tech buildings and structures for the preparation and use of drinking water and treated wastewater.

Examples of implementation of development:
– new technology for cleaning surface water treatment plants in the main group Kili water in the Odessa region; 
– tower station iron removal of underground water Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Odesa, Cherkasy, Sumy regions; 
– Station of purification of groundwater pollution in multicomponent. Uzyn Kyiv region; 
– optimization of collaboration pumps, water supply systems and reservoirs in. Chernigov; 
– conversion projects in the wastewater treatment plant. Cherkassy; 
– modernization projects purification plant wastewater in the poultry Gavrilovsky Kiev region. 
We provide services:
– scientific support implementation of integrated programs that State to ensure quality drinking water regions of Ukraine; 
– under contracts with customers – project development and construction of agricultural water, handing them to customers on a “turnkey”; 
– organizing and conducting conferences, seminars and meetings on the efficient use of water resources, development of agricultural water. 
Having IPR:
– “Device for treating multi groundwater column type” patent number: 84472 
– “Installation for water treatment” patent number: 86464 
– “Installation for collection and purification of water from surface water sources” patent number: 43841 
– “lifting unit for iron removal of water “patent number: 60063
– “Installation for water treatment” patent number: 60064 
– “An apparatus for biological treatment of sewage” patent number: 87641

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